Versiv’s Sustainability and Innovation Leader Nick Pero recently authored an article titled “Reservation For… Operationalizing ESG” for the Southern Gas Association’s The Link Quarterly Newsletter.

In this article, Nick uses a metaphor of a restaurant kitchen to help utility operators understand how to create and implement an ESG process that will truly work for their company. Preparation, cooking, plating, and serving are all part of an efficient process required to enjoy the perfect meal. Nick draws the comparison for how this is the same for the operationalization of ESG strategies.

Without an efficient and focused approach, it is nearly impossible to turn an ESG vision into reality. ESG requires many tasks to be completed simultaneously but not necessarily in the same order or even the same tasks for every strategy. He shares, “ESG operationalization often requires pulling the reins back and understanding what your stakeholders determine is pertinent to your business.”

Visit The Link Q1 Newsletter to read the full article. It begins on page 28.

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