Versiv Solutions recently supported the Clarksville, TN Gas Department on a 12-inch high-pressure natural gas pipeline improvement project in early May. The Clarksville Now News reported that the team “used an innovative new technique, called “cross compression,” to avoid venting natural gas into the atmosphere.”

As part of the project, gas main spot replacement and pipeline maintenance were required. Traditionally, this would involve evacuating and releasing natural gas, including methane, from a high-pressure gas main line into the atmosphere. However, Versiv’s cross compression solutions made this process more environmentally friendly by utilizing specialized equipment to extract the gas from the section that needs to be depressurized and recycle it back into another section of the system.

Gas Manager Troy Jones expressed his satisfaction with their decision to use an innovative technique and described Versiv as “a trusted leader in safety and environmental solutions for energy and natural gas industries.” Meanwhile, Gas & Water General Manager Mark Riggins shared his pride in being at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology and expressed how pleased he was in partnering with the Versiv team to achieve their compliance goals and reduce their environmental impact.

The cross-compression process utilized in this project conversed slightly over 1 million standard cubic feet of gas, which represents the following Environmental Protection Agency equivalencies:

• 72.7 homes’ energy use for a year.
• 64,014 pounds of coal burned.
• 128 passenger vehicles driven for one year.
• 688 acres of U.S. forest.

Read the full article here: Clarksville Gas Uses New Technology to Capture Methane Gas

Versiv regularly supports municipalities in reducing methane emissions on their pipeline infrastructure improvement projects. Contact us here to share information on your next project or stop by our booth at the 2023 APGA Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ July 16-19, 2023.