Director of Operations, Gina Rundo, Demonstrates Versiv’s Cross Compression Solution

During the Artera Services Board of Directors meeting on August 6, 2021, the company celebrated their newest operating company – Versiv Solutions LLC. During the demonstration, Gina Rundo, Versiv’s Director of Operations, unveiled newly branded trucks and equipment that was traveling to customer projects the very next day. She also showed how Versiv’s innovative cross compression solution will help operators reduce carbon emissions during pipeline maintenance and installation. The hands-on demonstration gave Artera’s Board of Directors a close view on efficiently and safely Versiv will conduct cross compression projects for customers across the Artera service areas.

“It was great for our Board of Directors to see firsthand the Versiv’s branding on live equipment,” stated Brian Palmer, CEO of Artera. “They have heard about the development of the cross compression company but to see it come to life and see what our customers will have on the job and within our neighborhoods made it even more exciting.”

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