Versiv Solutions was recently invited to join Energy Worldnet (EWN)’s popular energy industry podcast, Coffee with Jim and James. Two members of the Versiv leadership team joined the dynamic hosting duo to discuss the innovative solutions that Versiv offers to the natural gas and energy industry.

During this interview, Gina Rundo, Director of Operations for Versiv, and Keith Ormsby, VP Commercial Operations for the Southern Gas Division at Artera Services, sat down with Jim Schauer and James Cross at the SGA Spring Gas Conference & Expo. During the 30-minute live recording, they had the opportunity to share important information about Versiv’s story, industry shifts they are seeing toward sustainability goals, an overview of the cross-compression process and applications, and much more.

“This industry will continue to face changes and Versiv’s name is fitting to be versatile and a partner in the industry. We will adapt to those changes in this journey and provide solutions to those changes,” said Gina Rundo. “ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance, it is not a trend and it’s here to stay. Versiv itself was created on the essence of ESG. Versiv provides industry reduction solutions and heavily supports the social aspect – how can we be a good community steward and help get the message across.”

The episode aired on Thursday, April 14, 2022, showcasing Versiv’s innovative solution to the industry to accelerate the reduction of methane emissions.



Listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts or online here:

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