We are excited to share Versiv is featured on the cover of the newest edition of NASTT’s Trenchless for Gas Infrastructure magazine, written by our Operations Director, Gina Rundo. With a growing emphasis on sustainability and methane emission reduction, the natural gas industry is undergoing a significant paradigm shift in reducing emissions. Versiv proudly offers an innovative solution revolutionizing the industry’s approach to sustainability: cross compression.

The article speaks to natural gas operators seeking to eliminate the need for voluntary natural gas flaring or venting during pipeline construction projects. Industry professionals aiming to embrace positive environmental change, and wondering what their options are and how to execute, will have the opportunity to read through Gina’s comprehensive process for deploying cross compression into operations.

The publication not only delves into the transformative history of mobile recompression services, dating back to the groundbreaking moment in 2017 with the introduction of the first commercially available mobile compression unit but also emphasizes Versiv’s continuous expansion driven by the flexibility of its technology and Artera’s nationwide footprint. Furthermore, the applications for cross compression span diverse settings, from bustling suburban neighborhoods to commercial zones.

There are many factors to consider when implementing cross compression on pipeline construction projects. In the article, Gina outlines the many benefits including the opportunity to mitigate community disruption while reducing emissions and minimizing 911 calls by preventing the pervasive smell of gas in the air. Gina, whose expertise stems from leading internal live gas operations for a Fortune 200 utility, including hot tapping & plugging, pipeline pigging, and cross-compression services across multiple states, takes readers through a step-by-step approach to incorporating cross compression.

Real-world applications are critical for understanding how cross compression can reshape pipeline construction and maintenance best practices. By highlighting our case studies such as the City of Clarksville’s pipeline improvement project and collaborations with industry leaders like Dominion Energy and Columbia Gas of Virginia, readers can discern the tangible benefits of cross compression technology in reducing methane emissions while ensuring operational efficiency. As the natural gas industry embraces sustainability, Versiv’s cross compression solution represents a significant stride towards delivering safe, reliable energy while minimizing environmental impact and residential disruptions.

Looking to acquire a physical copy of the magazine? The Trenchless for Gas Infrastructure publication is available at many trade shows throughout the year, including the AGA Spring Operations Conference & Committee Meetings, NGA Fall Operations Conference, AGA Fall Operations Conference, Western Regional Gas Conference, Global Excavation Safety Conference, NAPSR annual meeting, among others.

To access the full publication please visit https://nastt.org/resources/regional-chapter-magazines/